For peace of mind, it is best to be prepared.

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Conroy Funeral Home provides comprehensive advanced funeral planning aimed at providing a funeral tailored to your wishes. Knowing your wishes were made in advance can bring peace of mind to you and your family. Pre-arranging your funeral service is a decision you make, but a decision that will affect all of your loved ones. We will be glad to sit down with you and answer any questions you might have and help you through the pre-arrangement process. Please call us for more information or to set an appointment to discuss your wishes. Alternately you can start the process by visiting either of the links below.

Click here to fill out our online pre-arrangement information form.

Click here to download our Thoughtful Decisions Planning Guide (PDF format - fill out and print/email).

Benefits of Prearranging

  1. Your Family - By pre-arranging, you spare your family the emotional and financial burden associated with planning a funeral. During this stressful time, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in overspending and other regretful decisions.

  2. Peace of Mind - Pre-arranging ensures your wishes are recorded in detail. It provides time to plan a ceremony that is meaningful for survivors and reflective of one’s personal wishes. Requests such as music, Bible verses and more will be taken care of according to your wishes.

  3. Financial Benefit - By choosing to pay for your pre-arranged services now, you can ease the financial burden on your surviving family. Pre-paying serves as a hedge against inflation by paying for tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices. It also protects financial assets in the event of the need to apply for Social Security/Medicaid assistance for health care.

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