Pet Cremation

Honor your best friend's contribution to your life

Dog and Cat

The loss of a pet can be devastating. Pets occupy a unique place in our lives, providing a form of companionship that cannot be matched. They're the people we turn to when people might not understand, and the friends who love us in spite of ourselves. Our goal is to assist with the grieving process and provide for your needs in a time of sorrow.

Conroy Funeral Home will treat your beloved pet with the same respect we accord to all those given into our care. We offer cremation services on site, allowing our experienced staff to offer you the greatest variety of options for providing a caring and meaningful farewell to your pet.

  • We serve all household pets
  • Cremated pets are handled individually
  • Cremation certificates are provided
  • Pets are accorded the same dignity as any other individual in our care

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