Cremation Services

With our on-site crematory, your loved one never leaves our staff's compassionate care.

We take exceptional care with our cremation process. All cremations are handled with respect, dignity and honor. We follow a rigid protocol starting immediately after the body is in our care. We adhere to a strict checklist along the way, requiring multiple signatures and recordkeeping ensuring the cremation is done with the utmost integrity.

We offer a complete selection of cremation services. From simple or direct cremation to full service viewing with funeral services followed by cremation. In choosing cremation, you have unlimited options available for creating a meaningful service for your loved one. Many ceremony options are available, a service with a casket prior to the cremation, a memorial service after the cremation or a private family service, either before or after the cremation.

All of our cremation services include removal, on-premise refrigeration, signing and filing of death certificate, filing of the permit, cremation container and the cremation, which takes place at our on-site crematory. We offer a full selection of urns in a variety of styles and materials.. From basic scattering urns to crush-proof burial urns, bio urns, keepsafe urns, urn vaults and cremation jewelry. Most urns can be personalized with laser engraving of a name or picture, or with the addition of an emblem.

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